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BVan.it comes from the idea of ​​a Sardinian couple, lovers of their land, which have always used its minivan to enjoy the wonders of the island, both inland and coastal areas.

Initially a solitary traveler, today he moves on the same routes with his wife and three children. Excited, has decided to propose the same type of holiday to potential tourists who decide to visit the island during the year.

Bvan.it aims to make your holiday in Sardinia an unforgettable and original experience, a relaxing break with the possibility to take advantage of the rental of tools and accessories for outdoor sports.

Our minivans are new and modern vehicles, with every rental a careful cleaning is guaranteed, with the sanitation of the seats and the passenger compartment.

Synonymous with freedom and adventure for generations, these means will guarantee you an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia.

Our minivans are compact vehicles, fast on the road and comfortable to drive. They are all equipped with an integrated box with a kitchen and 3 beds. There is also a wide range of options and equipment that you can choose according to your needs. Finally, we will provide our knowledge of the territory, offering personalized itineraries to make your holiday more enjoyable.

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