Terms and Conditions

Booking and Payment Details

A 30% of total amount is required as deposit to reserve your van. The outstanding balance is due on a day of check-in.

Driver Age and Licences

All Drivers must be between 23 and 70, have held a EU or UK drivers licence for at least 3 years. If you’re age 23–25, you’ll pay a minimum Young driver fee of 15€/day and the Full Insurance (CDW) is a mandatory.

Required Documentation

Copy of driving licence shall be sent to us in advance of your booking.  The original will be shown to us on the day of hire.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required before your campervan hire and will be held over the duration of the rental period. The amount changes by the category of the car.
If you pay cash the deposit will be refunded in full when the vehicle being returned on time, if you have a pre-authorization with the credit card, after 15 working days your block on the money will be released automatically by the payment provider.
The deposit is released if the vehicle return undamaged, with a clean interior, a full tank of fuel and with all equipment in place and intact. If there is any damage to the van including loss of any equipment, tyre damage, low fuel etc. we reserve the right to use the security deposit as funding towards amending this. The remainder of this security deposit will be returned to the hirer once the damage/loss has been paid for.

Collision Damage Waiver Fee

A collision damage waiver fee (CDW) is optional and available for all vehicles at an extra daily cost of 15,00€. For short breaks there is a minimum payment of 50,00€ required.

Purchase of the Full Insurance (CDW), cancels the right of recourse against the customer for damages exceeding deductibles. In any case, the amount of the deductible included in the contract is always due.

Neither the CDW or insurance applies to wheels, tyres, the underside of the vehicle, the roof or the interior of the van, where the van is driven off road or on unpaved roads or without due care and attention, negligently, recklessly or where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Your liability to pay the cost of the damage will therefore not be waived in these cases and you may be liable for the full cost.

Fuel Policy

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire. Customers must return the vehicle full at the end of the rental. If you return the vehicle part full you will be charged for missing fuel at the end of the rental at the locally determined price along with a collection of fuel fee of 20,00€.

Pickup and Parking

We have parking for your car if you are driving down to Alghero. Alternatively, we provide a pickup service from Alghero, Olbia and Cagliari Airport or Sassari Train Station, or Porto Torres port. For any other travel arrangements please write us at info@bvan.it or call us on +39 3933313788

Privacy Policy

A copy of our privacy policy can be made available on request. In summary, we confirm that we will never provide any details of personal information to any third party, other than our insurance company in connection with a claim or potential claim, or unless we are required to do so by government bodies, law enforcement authorities or to comply with legal requirements.

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